Chinese Learning Tips & Resources

What is the right age to start learning Chinese?

If you are an overseas Chinese family, you might be wondering what is the right age to start teaching Chinese? Or might have started already from birth and wondering if that is too early? According to a Overseas Online Chinese Language Learning White Paper <海外在线少儿中文学习白皮书> published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences using data mined…
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What is 二会 (2 know) vs 四会 (4 know) in Chinese learning?

In mainland China. there are a set of characters where students of a certain grade is required to “2 know” and a smaller set of characters require “4 know”. What do these “knows” refer to? 2 Know: Students must know how to recognise the character 会听/会认, read out the character and understand the meaning 会读.…
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How Many Chinese Characters does my child need to learn by grade?

As a stretch goal, I often like to refer to the learning schedule that local children in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China aim for in their curriculum. Of course, we don’t want to just cram characters at our children just to hit our own parenting KPIs but it’s still good to have an idea…
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Why it is important to start chinese learning early?

We are not just crazy Chinese tiger parents who need their child to be one-step ahead for everything. There are very solid reasons for why early-age chinese language exposure sets a critical foundation for learning. Without acquiring the ability to read at least a few hundred Chinese characters during the pre-K and Kindergarten years, it…
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