Designed for 4-6 year olds (Pre-K & K)

Early-Age Chinese Learning

Give your child a head start in their first 300+ characters

7 colored kitty buddies

making Chinese learning fun and stress-free!

Unleash the Power of Both Digital & Print

We believe in using both digital and print appropriately to maximize the efficacy of Chinese Learning.  We believe that Chinese is best learn with in-person teaching, and reinforced by the combination of digital and print tools to increase retention outside of formal classes. 

AI-powered Mobile Games

Design for 4-6 year olds, our iOS And Android apps supports chinese character retention as they start to recognize their first few hundred characters.

Printed Board Books

Perfect for 0-7 year olds, Maomi mandarin rhymes are suitable for reading to newborns and self-reading and even rapping for older children.

Free Downloads

From worksheets printouts to other useful materials, perfect for tutors and parents to download and use for free.

Let chinese learning be fun

Your children are at the start of their lifelong journey to acquiring Chinese literacy skills.  The first few hundred characters set a foundation for them to enjoy reading chinese books!  This app is designed to be used alongside offline teaching to help children retain and practice what they have learnt.


Mobile Games 

Don’t let the time, effort and money spent on tutors, classes or homeschooling go to waste!  Reinforce your child’s retention in between classes for 300+ chinese characters!

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Mandarin Rhymes for Kids

The Maomi Mandarin Rhymes is a series of 4 board books written with a strong rhyme and cadence.  These books are written in Traditional Chinese and designed to rhyme when read in Mandarin.  

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